Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting to know you-Tacey

Hi All,
This is my first quilting bee and I am very excited to be a part of it.
Like all of you, I have many crafting interests but sewing and quilting are my first love. They calm me and feed my creative energy at the same time. I love all forms of quilting but lately, inspired by The Gees Bend Quilts and such artists as Denyse Schmidt and Jackie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio, I have found myself drawn more to modern, improvisational quilting. In fact, I am finishing up my first improvisational piece now. I have an incurable fabric addiction and one day would like to run my own quilt shop.
I am a mother of two grown sons and the wife of an incredibly supportive husband. We have been married for 29 wonderful years. He encourages me to explore all of my interests fully and even bought me my beloved Bernina for Christmas last year.
I grew up here in the sunny state of California but moved away to go to school in Utah. While I was in school, my family moved to Colorado where I met my husband. We married and moved back to Utah to finish school. We lived there for 13 years until we moved to Arlington, Texas. We raised our family there and loved it. Texas is a great state. Then, when my youngest was about to graduate High School and move away to go to college, my husband, Matt, was offered a job in Maui. It was a big move, but we took the leap. I mean, how many opportunities does a person get to go live in paradise??
We moved into a small cottage by Charlie Young beach and lived there for about 3 years. We loved it! It was like an extended second honeymoon. We had so many wonderful adventures! Everything from kayaking with whales to exploring the Road to Hana and Mount Haleakala. However, we did regret that we lived so far from our children. So, when my oldest son, who is going to school in Utah, announced that he was getting married, I knew that it was time to move back to the mainland. Coincidentally, a colleague of Matt's called him up and offered him a job out of the blue. That is how we came to live here in Camarillo, California and it is here we plan to sink our roots.
I am looking forward to quilting with and learning from all of you wonderful ladies.

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