Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting To Know Eachother - Katie

Before I delve into the nitty-gritty details of the Bee "rules", I thought it would be nice if we blogged about ourselves a bit to get to know each other which, to me, is at least half the point of doing the Bee. I can start . . .

I'm Katie. I live in Maine, and I love it here although it often seems like we're too busy to enjoy our beautiful state. We also start to complain about it quite a bit in February and March. I live in an old house with my husband and four kids. Both my husband and I work full time, and the kids are pretty involved with their activities, so when I find time to sew I'm usually neglecting something else. I've learned to live with that, but I still get frustrated at not having enough time to do all the things I want to do. I'm sure the rest of you are in exactly the same boat!

My mom tried to teach me to sew when I was a teenager. The only results of that were wasted fabric, mounds of tissue paper pattern pieces that I was never going to get folded again, tears, and swearing (on my part, not my mom's). After that, I decided that I REALLY wanted an Icelandic Wool Sweater. (It was in the 80's in Maine - we were so not cool.) The $80-something price tag made me want to figure out how to knit it myself. Little did I know, you could easily spend that on yarn. Armed with a book, some knitting needles, and some really scratchy rose pink yarn, I somehow figured out how to knit. Knitting will probably always be my first love, but I really got hooked on sewing again about a year ago.

But I don't really draw the line at knitting and sewing. I've been taking pottery as often as I can afford it at a local pottery studio, and I love that as well. Those are probably my top three things, but I've also done spinning, stained glass, crochet, scrapbooking, basket making, and of course home remodeling. I'm trying to learn more about photography. Sometimes I enjoy cooking, but I rarely make anything that all four kids like. Usually none of them like it. I also bake a lot of bread. The kids do eat that.

Hmm. What else would be interesting to share? If I were a bit more organized, I'd come up with a list of funky, thought-provoking questions for everyone like, "If you were a vehicle, what kind would you be?". I had that question on a job interview once, and I still don't know how to answer it.

Oh, I also like to read, and I work in IT (but I don't like to read about IT).

Looking forward to hearing more about all of you!

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  1. Hi Katie...I have joined your other Bee (which I hope we will have enough people to run). I don't know how I missed reading that you are from Maine too! I live in Gorham (used to live in Portland but my family outgrew our older house). Small world :-)