Thursday, November 18, 2010

November at last

Hello Ladies I know I posted a little preview on the flickr group but I realize we seem to communicate more on here.  My quilt block for this month is kind of a wonky log cabin anything goes block.  the unfinished size should be 12.5 in. and if you would like to make two and if you have enough fabric by all means do so.
  here is the inspiration quilt out of kaffe fasset's book quilts in the sun.

 each block is sashed in orange
 this particular sample is more what I am looking for- i tried to be a little free

The blocks are really improv and bits and pieces and that's what I am looking for- I will say it is a struggle for me to be so free and not so rigid and that is why my sample blocks are a little rigid.  This quilt is for my husband- he thinks I will never make him one and so I am having my bee friends help out!

anything goes wonky log cabins
nuetral thread
12.5 in unfinished
2 blocks if you have enough time and fabric or even if you start a second that would be fab too!
Most of the fabric is kona cotton and all is solid colors.

I'm putting them in the mail today- getting them back is no rush- I know I am late and the holidays are upon us.
 thanks heather

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Debbie's Block

Finished this block last night.  It will go out in today's mail.
I loved the fabric and had a lot of fun putting the block together.  Unfortunately, I didn't have enough fabric to make two blocks.  I hope you like it, Debbie!