Monday, December 27, 2010

All Caught Up!

I have really enjoyed quilting with all of you! I hate that I got so behind in the end, but all my blocks are done and headed out in the mail today.

First up are the two blocks that I did for Debbie. I hope they work well for you. There just wasn't enough fabric to do two blocks so I added some solid fabrics from my own stash. I love the colors in your fabrics--they're so festive without being the traditional red and green.

Next are Heather's Wonky Log Cabins. I feel like I'm getting pretty good at these--I think these are the blocks that we've done the most of. I had enough fabric to do one whole block and about half of the second one for you. I hope your hubby loves his quilt!

Finally, here are Joanna's Zig-Zag blocks. These were more of a challenge than I expected. I had to fight with the zigs a bit to get them to line up with the zags. LOL! I love the look of them so much, though--I would love to do a whole quilt for myself using your tutorial. I just need to mark a few other things off of my list first.Are we all going to continue posting our quilts as we assemble them? Has anyone actually started assembling? I have all my blocks stashed away waiting for me to find the time to play with them.

Friday, December 17, 2010

December Blocks...Final month!

Hi all!

Just letting you know that I finally sent out the December blocks on Friday so you should get them this week sometime. I don't expect anyone to do anything until after the Holidays, so you can breathe a little and take your time with them:)

This month we are doing zig zag blocks. They're quite simple, and I have pre-cut all the fabric for you, so that should make it extra easy:)

I also made a tutorial for the blocks and put it on my blog here.

I did the same blocks with my other online group and about half the ladies ran into a problem - they didn't read all the way through the instructions before they started and didn't realize that you need to sew half the pieces one way, and the other half the opposite way. If you read all the instructions first you will be fine - it's really an easy block, really just a variation on flying geese.

I have included enough pieces to make 2 blocks. For each block you will use 4 red rectangles, 4 blue rectangles, and 16 brown squares. I have included a few extra brown squares just in case :) Feel free to substitute any of your own fabrics for mine if you think they will work, and keep the ones you take out.

I love it if you made the HST's I show in the tutorial. You can either keep them or send them back to me - I would definitely use them, but I don't mind if you keep them!

Have fun, and if you have any questions, just let me know!

-Joanna (quiltamomma)

Debbie's blocks

Well, I apologize for being so late on these. September my (ex) husband asked for a divorce, (after 21 years) so I have had a hard time getting out of bed, let alone sewing. I have finally finished Debbie's blocks though. Due to moving, and forwarding confusion, I ended up with 2 packets of fabric, so I tried to make 4 blocks. (I felt guilty that it took me so long to get to them), I didn't have quite enough fabric, but I had a half yard of figgy pudding, so I used a bit to supplement.
Blogger is not letting me add photos right now, I will try later. They are in our Flickr group right now though!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

getting caught up!

Before the last post I had completely forgotten about our group on flickr and I see you all have been talking and I apologize for having forgot. Anyway, im here now and Im mostly all caught up! October ended up being WAY busy. Apparently THAT is wedding season, not May/ June. And to top it all off my husband and I found out were going to have a kiddo! So things have been different and busy.
There wasnt quite enough for 2 blocks but I did what I could to get something started for you!

 and Im working on Heathers block.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Debbie's Block

Debbie, an envelope turned up in my envelope a couple of weeks ago from Katie, and inside were fabrics to do your block! I finally got it done today and will get it out to you in the next few days. It looks weird in the pic because there are white strips on the outsides of the block, and the background it's on is white! Hope you enjoy putting the quilt together!

Heather's Blocks

Heather, I finished your blocks - yes that is blocks plural! I managed to get a second one finished with a little help from my own Kona stash:) They are so much fun to make and your quilt is going to look spectacular!

I know my month is December and I have all the fabrics and they are half cut. I hope to get them out to you all next week but there is NO hurry to get them done. I know December is a crazy month. But don't worry, they are easy and everything is pre-cut for you.n I'll do a proper post about them when I send them out.