Monday, December 27, 2010

All Caught Up!

I have really enjoyed quilting with all of you! I hate that I got so behind in the end, but all my blocks are done and headed out in the mail today.

First up are the two blocks that I did for Debbie. I hope they work well for you. There just wasn't enough fabric to do two blocks so I added some solid fabrics from my own stash. I love the colors in your fabrics--they're so festive without being the traditional red and green.

Next are Heather's Wonky Log Cabins. I feel like I'm getting pretty good at these--I think these are the blocks that we've done the most of. I had enough fabric to do one whole block and about half of the second one for you. I hope your hubby loves his quilt!

Finally, here are Joanna's Zig-Zag blocks. These were more of a challenge than I expected. I had to fight with the zigs a bit to get them to line up with the zags. LOL! I love the look of them so much, though--I would love to do a whole quilt for myself using your tutorial. I just need to mark a few other things off of my list first.Are we all going to continue posting our quilts as we assemble them? Has anyone actually started assembling? I have all my blocks stashed away waiting for me to find the time to play with them.

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  1. I am still working on assembling my quilt but I will definitely post it when I get the top together.
    Great job on all your blocks!