Saturday, December 5, 2009

Getting to know you: Hilary!

I suppose I'll go next on the introductions.

I'm Hilary and I currently live in a tiny town East of Raleigh. I say currently because I'm excited for our next duty station. My husband flies F-15E's for the Air Force so we are stuck here for another year or so. I'm originally from sunny Pensacola, Florida and oh! how I miss it there. NC isn't too bad, its close to a lot of interesting things and I do like to travel. My husband and I are still newlyweds we got married in August of 08 in Las Vegas! We haven't popped any babies out yet although before he deploys again I think we'll try. hmm Is that too much info? I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm starting up a photography business and so far its going well. That makes me happy.

My mom sewed for me when I was young but she made more clothes and not quilts and other fun stuff like that. When she was young her family was poor so she had to make her own clothes to get new ones. She never taught me though. By the time I got older she wasn't sewing and just concentrated on raising me. I'm not really sure why I wanted to start sewing. I do know that I discovered Amy Butler's prints through a friend and maybe that had a bit to do with it. When I got married I told my husband I wanted a sewing machine and he bought me one around this time last year. His mom sews so I guess it was just second nature to go out and buy a brand new sewing machine. My first project didn't go so well and I became discouraged. I kept trying and I found that sewing straight lines is a lot easier than other things. :)

My new years resolution last year was to not drink any soda pop. For the most part I made it, minus a few root beer floats and some Ale8 from Kentucky. Oddly enough my husband said if I continue to not drink sodas he will make it HIS new years resolution. Anyway, to get to my point this year I'm going to try and work on some sort of a craft for at least an hour a day. I'm looking forward to it, so I'm glad this bee will help out with it. We'll see how its goes.

Other than sewing, I lindy hop and I like to eat. If I were a vehicle I think Id be an 87 Toyota Sienna. I don't know why but as a 16 year old that was my dream car.

Is it ok to post photos? I'm going to assume so, well, here is a photo of my husband and I. We usually don't look this nice. :)

20091108-20091108-2009 11 08_3712


  1. Yeah - our first post (by someone other than me). Thanks Hilary! It was great to hear more about you. Yes, pictures are great! I'm glad you included one. I've seen some of the photos on your blog. They're wonderful. I especially like the baby ones.

  2. Nice to meet you Hilary! I was in Raleigh this past spring visiting a friend, it's so pretty there!