Wednesday, December 9, 2009

getting to know you - heather

Hey Girls, I'm heather (yes spelled with a little h). I'm 35. I've been spelling my name like that since I think middle school. In some respects this my second quilting bee- but I haven't even started the first one i joined yet- so I am pretty new to all of this.

I live in the state of Connecticut. Born and raised here- they only other state i have lived in is Utah. I went there for school which is where I met my hubby. We have been in wedded bliss for about 12 years and in that time 5 boys have joined our life. Yes I said 5 and yes I said boys, and 2 cats. They range in age from 2 months to 9 years old and yes my house is usually a flurry of motion. But luckily I am a pretty layed back person so I just take one minute as they come and I do a lot of sewing, quilting and crafting to keep the insanity to a minimum. I do have to admit sewing for boys pretty much sucks and my talents are mostly wasted on them so most of this time is spent on things for myself or my friends.

I have always been a crafter since I was very young- my mother use to sew costumes and holiday dresses for me and my sister. She wasn't the one that taught me how to sew though- I took a home ec class in middle school which included sewing and from there I pretty much was a sewing fanatic. Pretty much most of my clothing I made myself all through high school and into college. Quilting always interested me and I had made many quilt tops in my time but never really knew how to finish them (because I just don't have time to hand quilt) but I finally entered the world of machine quilting and now there is no stopping me. I have a fabric addiction and my family room/ craft room is pretty much exploded with fabric- not to mention the crates in the basement.

I have just taken up modern quilting and I'm fascinated by the world of quilt blogs and the wealth of talented quilters who are so willing to share there passion with us.

I also dabble a little in photography because I have always loved taking pictures of people and I have a blog for that too! I also love to bake, cook, crochet, craft, scrapbook, garden- I pretty much have no time in my life to do all the things I would like to do- I go through cycles. I like to blog but I'm not very consistent and I am relatively new to the blogging world so most of time I am incredibly blog challenged. The one thing I detest is house cleaning and with 5 young boys in my house there always seems to be a lot of that- ugh!

I'm excited to see all the fabric and quilt squares everyone will be sending- even though I have so much holiday sewing to do I can't wait to get my first package. Happy quilting!

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  1. Hi heather! I lived in UT for a few years, in Salt Lake. I am guessing that you went to BYU?!!! My hubby's family is from American Fork so we spent a lot of time down that way:) I'm in NH - very close to CT!