Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Sooner!

I'm Debbie from Norman Oklahoma. I have been sewing since I was ten. My Texas grandmother taught me how to embroider and my California grandmother taught me to sew by machine. I loved home economics during junior high, but didn't have time for class during high school, so I taught myself and made most of my clothes. During college I continued the sewing classes and got my degree with a home economics minor. My roommate taught me to crochet and we kept a sewing machine set up on the desk where I think they expected me to study....wrong. Then I started teaching school. I always envied the teacher across the hall because while I was slaving away teaching 7th graders all about grammar and spelling, she was sewing and doing crafts all day.

I don't know a day without sewing; it calms me and lets me relax before I go to sleep.

I have been married 30 years. I was sitting at a small kitchen table sewing when he asked me to marry him. My husband even bought me a sewing machine for our first anniversary. He knows that sewing machines and sewing time are very important to my sanity. I have a married daughter living in London since August after spending five years in NYC, working in journalism, and a grown son, an unemployed computer programmer, living across the highway from us over by the University of Oklahoma. When he moved out, I made his room into my own private sewing room, which I love. It is filled with fabric and all of my favorite things.
My parents passed away just 18 months apart recently and now the one parent we have lives with us. My husband's mother has Alzheimers and we have decided to care of her here. I keep another blog about that experience to keep me sane, plus I'm learning patience.
I love quilting. I think I love piecing the most, but I have a quilting frame and machine that I am learning to I can quilt all these quilt tops I have finished.
I was a member of a quilting bee last year. I did Kaffe Fassett fabrics and the blocks that came back were wonderful. I am in the process of sashing it together. The bee was great and I learned so much. You get challenged and have to go outside of your comfort zone sometimes. Plus the new friends you make are an extra bonus. (and I bet I have seen Clare if she works at the quilt shop on 24th!)

Happy Holidays! This will make the new year something to look forward to.
This will be fun.

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  1. Patchwork Place on 24th, that's right! But, have you heard that we're moving? Not too far though - up the street to NW 24th, just south of Robinson.
    Two Sooners in one bee, what a small world!