Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting to know you- Carrie

Hello! I'm Carrie and I'm from Nazareth, PA. I've been in PA most of my life, but I did have 8 years in Rochester, NY. I'm 40-something have a husband of 18 years and one (yes, only one) son, who is the light of my life! I also work full time in retail.

I have been crafting pretty much all of my life! I started at about a year or two old (due to my hippie parents) and haven't stopped. My favorites are quilting (of course) weaving, felting, soap-making and some dabbling in pottery. I have also done some beadwork and jewelry making.

I have spent a lot of my crafting energy on recreating Medieval arts and crafts in the past, because I was an active member of a historical reenactment group. My weaving is mainly tablet weaving, which is an ancient Viking (among others) art. I have also done spinning with a drop spindle (I'm not very good) and finger loop braiding.

I'm taking a break from all that right now due to the high level of involvement of my 10 year old in sports. It is important to me to make all his games and such, so all that travel(for the historical group) is out of the question. This has left me time to persue something I have wanted to do for 10 years (at least) but have not had the time for- quilting! There is very little evidence of patchwork quilting in the Medieval period (though whole cloth quilting was prevalent) so I just didn't have the extra time to dedicate to it. Well, I do now, and I am loving it! I have made my first three quilts, and I have eight(!) more in progress. I am so obsessed! I have been building my stash for about ten years in the hopes of making time to learn quilting, but I haven't stopped shopping for more fabric. I love both traditional and modern quilting styles, but my artistic process lends itself better to modern techniques. I am working on both aspects though, because I believe a good grounging in the traditional will help me with my precision.

Did I babble on enough? This is my first Bee, and I am so exited to meet all of you and be a part of this. I can't wait to start.

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