Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Plan for March

Hi Again Everyone,
Thanks so much for your great ideas and offers to help out. How does this sound to everyone:

1. We give Jennifer until the end of the day today (3/9/10) to respond.
2. If we don't hear back then Barb would take March.
3. Tacey would take April.
4. Carrie would take May.
5. A very nice woman named Joanna that I just met at the first meeting of the New England Modern Quilt Guild volunteered to join us and take the empty spot. She's working on the Joseph's Coat Quilt from Don't Look Now, so she really knows what she's doing. She would have December.

Barb, Tacey, Carrie, and Joanna, are you okay with this? Everyone, let me know your thoughts. I really appreciate your feedback and help in figuring this out!

Thanks again,


  1. Sounds great! I am on board.

  2. Alright! I got all the fabric, so I'm totally ready, if need be.

  3. That sound great, I am ready to get sewing for March!

  4. Hey you know I'm all for it!!!

  5. I must of been away for a minute, but the plan sounds great. I was looking at the calendar and wondering what was up. Otherwise things seem to be going great.
    Looking forward to more block making.
    Welcome Joanna!