Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Barb's blocks done!

Finally I got myself to the store and bought some freezer paper. I thought I had some but it was just easier to buy some more than to tear apart my quilt room looking for it!!

I really like this technique and have made a quilt using freezer paper piecing before which was fun and successful. It was nice to forget about convention and do something a little different, so thanks for stretching our minds Barb!

I separated the colors into warm and cool and did a block of each.
I will get to the Post Office asap - hopefully tomorrow - we are meant to be getting a new roof tomorrow but with all the rain here in the north east, I don't see it happening, so the Post Office will be on my agenda. If not tomorrow, definitely Thursday.

I look forward to doing the next blocks - they look like fun!!


  1. Your blocks turned out great! I love that you did a warm and cool block.