Monday, March 8, 2010

In Response To . . . "March Package???"

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to answer Tacey's post with a new post instead of in the comments - just in case people aren't reading all the comments. Tacey - thanks for bringing it up.

I've tried contacting Jennifer a couple of times and haven't heard back. I did check in with her about my January block a while ago, and she did get back to me on that, so I may still hear from her. I do feel like we should start thinking about what to do if she doesn't come through. Do any of you have experience with this? Any ideas?

On thought is to try to recruit someone else. It's still pretty early in the bee. Hilary and I would be out our blocks and fabric, but I can certainly live with that. The other thought is to see if anyone else is prepared to switch months to give either Jennifer or the new recruit more time. Or we could just skip March - then we only get 10 (or 20) blocks instead of 11 (or 22).

I don't feel like any of those things are great solutions. I'd love to hear some suggestions.



  1. I could have everything ready by mid week. I have most of my fabric already and know what blocks I want to do. I would also be willing to do two months, but maybe not in a row. Let me know! Ps Hilary, I have your blocks, I just haven't posted or sent them out yet. Fear not!

  2. i'm fine with whatever you decide- not that my response is helpful. If Barb is ready maybe we should have her do March and give Jennifer some time to make a final decision about whether she wants to participate or not.

  3. Since I am at the end, I wouldn't mind being moved up to an earlier spot to give Jen or a new person time, but if we do that I would like Barb to take March because I haven't put much thought into what I would like yet. 'Course I am also good with skipping a month, or taking April so Barb could do her second in December. I'm not complaining about being at the end, and I am also fine with staying there(my next couple of months are busy!) just excited about an opportunity to move earlier. :)

  4. My month is May but I am happy to be moved up to April if needed. I have my fabric. I just need to narrow down what block I want. Just let me know what works for everyone.

  5. Pick me! Pick me!!! Katie, if you need another person, I am here waiting on the sidelines ;) The work you have all done so far is awesome, and if you need a filler, I can jump in at any time:) I hope it gets resolved - someone not fulfilling their part is just a pain in the you-know-what!