Sunday, March 21, 2010

March blocks for Barb

So when I first started these blocks, I was excited, but nervous. It seemed very complicated and I couldn't figure out how to sort the fabrics in groups. Value? Print and solid? Nothing seemed to work right. I just went for it, picking the fabric and piecing each row one at a time for contrast.

That seemed to work well.

Though I'm not entirely happy with the batik strip in the second one. I really didn't notice until I took the picture, so I hope you don't hate it, Barb!
Anyway, I fell in love with making these blocks! I didn't want to stop, so I started a third with what fabric I had left. I'm sending along the rest of the freezer paper pattern. I hope you like them Barb!

I am so making one of these quilts myself sometime soon!


  1. Your blocks look great! I am going to work on mine today. I hope they turn out as well as yours. Great job!