Wednesday, July 7, 2010

May Block update (the sequel)

OK, so, update on the update, I received blocks from Katie, Bonnie, Tacey, Debbie, Joanna, Claire, Liz, Barb and Bibi. Thank you so much, ladies! That leaves Heather and Hilary. If you have sent your blocks could you let me know? I just want to see if any got lost in the mail. If you are just behind, that's fine. I don't think I will be able to get this top together until September, at the earliest. Thanks again!


  1. I know I am late but the blocks are made and it is my goal to get them in the mail on Monday- I am pretty much behind on all my blocks but I am doing some catch up this weekend.
    I'll hopefully let you know when they are in the mail or you'll just get a surprise.

    Thanks for being so patient

  2. I am making them today(I hope) I am also behind on all of them. Bah. When one thing happens everything seems to happen right? Ill get them out soon!